This week I am once again at Moulton School in Northamptonshire. This is my last visit of this school year.It has been a privilege to be here on many occasions over the year, training staff in a range of restorative approaches, supporting newly trained people as they gain confidence; facilitating actual restorative meetings to demonstrate how to do it; training a team of peer mediators who launched their new service at half term and working closely with the Deputy Head who is responsible for the whole school implementation plan.I really enjoy this kind of long-term work. Schools need support for a long time after initall training and it has been an honour and a privilege to supply this support. I have learnt a lot myself too and have been able to create new resources to help not only this staff team but teams in the future.  Any schools interested in this kind of extended support over 1 – 3 years please do get in touch. I will be more then happy to answer any enquiries you may have. To get in touch please email me at [email protected]  I’ll be in Southport next week teaching a particular group of staff for the first time. Keep a look out for my next blog to find out more.