A brief summary about us

We are all experienced mediators and facilitators and can help with specific issues, listening to all sides and then supporting everyone to meet together and find ways forward for themselves. We call this process, restoration, as it offers a chance to repair relationships and self-confidence, even though at times the process can also create new bonds and new-found confidence and skill that had not previously been there.

Who We Are

Dr Belinda Hopkins

Director of Transforming Conflict

Dr Belinda Hopkins pioneered the application of restorative principles in school settings in the UK in the late 1990’s and created the first training course in restorative skills developed specifically for teachers.

Belinda is one of the most published authors in the world in the field of restorative approaches in both schools and care. Her pioneering books ‘Just Schools’ (JKP 2004), ‘Just Care’ (JKP 2009), and The Restorative Classroom (Optimus 2011) are internationally acclaimed.

In order to remain at the cutting edge of developments in the field Belinda spent six years researching the experiences of those who have been implementing restorative approaches in their schools. Resulting in the first doctoral thesis in this field, completed in 2006 at the University of Reading. In 2013 she became an accredited practitioner and this has now been updated by the RJC until 2016. Belinda maintains her practice base by volunteering for West Berkshire’s Restorative Justice Service.

Caroline Newton

Regional Director and Lead Trainer

Caroline is currently one of Transforming Conflict’s Regional Directors and Lead Trainers. A qualified social worker, Caroline has over 25 years experience in the fields of residential care, youth work, youth justice and education. She became interested in Restorative Justice whilst working in a Youth Offending Team and then became the first ever secondary school-based Restorative Approaches Co-ordinator. She was subsequently appointed Restorative Approaches Co-ordinator. For all schools in the London Borough of Lewisham. She currently works part time as a victim liaison worker within her local youth offending service. She co-founded, and co-ordinates, the South East Network of restorative practitioners which meets regularly to support best practice.