Watch the latest videos from the Transforming Conflict team as they deliver insight on Restorative Approaches in a number of sectors.

Restorative Conversations

This a brief video interview of Belinda Hopkins, Director of Transforming Conflict, and Author, recorded in Mortimer (UK) in November 2015.

Restorative Approaches In Richmond Schools

As shown on French television. This short flip explores 2 Richmond based schools and their use of restorative approaches. Both staff and students share their experiences since the approach was introduced and the positive impact it has had.

Monmouth Youth Restorative Approaches

A short film focusing on Monmouthshire Youth Service. We hear how they use restorative techniques within their youth work  in order to better understand and communicate with young people.

Restorative Practices in Son Gotleu

See how one community in Mallorca is working together to spread the word on restorative practice.

Restorative Approaches in Schools Film – Preview

This is a brief preview of our Restorative Approaches in Schools Film. It’s used to give people an introduction into the use of restorative approaches in a school environment. The entire film is available in our shop.

Childs Hill School

This video publicises the restorative approaches that are used in Childs Hill School.

Monmouth Comprehensive School Restorative Approaches

Short clip of the Deputy Headteacher, Andy Williams explaining how using a restorative approach has helped staff and pupils of Monmouth Comprehensive School to have a much happier place to work and study.

Time to Talk Time to Listen

Time to talk, time to listen, is a programme describing the use of restorative approaches in schools. You can order your copy of this film from our shop.

Restorative approaches and Bullying Part 1

In October 2009 Belinda Hopkins, Transforming Conflict’s director, was invited to run a 3 day training workshop conference on restorative justice at the University ABC in Sâo Paulo in Brasil. UniABC’s own television unit conducted interviews with Belinda.

Restorative approaches and Bullying Part 2

This film is the second part of UniABC’s own television interview with Dr Belinda Hopkins.

Restorative approaches and Bullying Part 3

This film is the final part of UniABC’s television interview with Dr Belinda Hopkins.

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