Just 2 days after the fabulous news about Iffley Academy achieving the Restorative Services Quality Mark (RSQM) comes the news that Moulton School & Science College has also been successful in its submission.Transforming Conflict has been working with staff there for the past 3 years. By their own admission staff know that there is still work to be done to fully embed the restorative ethos, especially in their classrooms, but they have made huge progress in the last few years. Moulton School and Science College is the latest organisation to achieve the Restorative Services Quality Mark.Chris Straker, the RJC’s interim chief executive, said:“A huge congratulations to Moulton School and Science College for successfully completing the RSQM. This fantastic achievement demonstrates their commitment to providing the highest quality restorative practice.”The RSQM is a badge of quality that guarantees that a service provides safe, high quality restorative practice which meets the six Restorative Service Standards. Moulton School and Science College joins other RSQM awardees – in sectors ranging from criminal justice through education to care – delivering high quality restorative processes.Dr Angela Dabbs, deputy headteacher at Moulton School and Science College, said:“We were delighted to receive the news that we’d passed the RSQM. As a school community, we have spent a lot of time thinking, planning and embedding a restorative approach. To see that our efforts have been validated provides further momentum to develop our ideas about the best ways to deliver an outstanding education for all.”If you would like further information about the RSQM visit: https://restorativejustice.org.uk/restorative-service-quality-mark