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Restorative Approaches for educators, care staff or youth justice professionals


Module 2

a) Restorative Conversations and one-to-one Restorative Enquiry

b) Your Turn , My Turn – using key principles for interpersonal conflict resolution and addressing
challenging behaviours

This two day course is an essential requirement for all staff working in an environment that is seeking to implement a restorative ethos, regardless of whether they are likely to become restorative facilitators.

The course will revisit the ethos and principles of restorative practice and then use this fresh awareness as the basis to explore and practice core restorative listening skills and language.

Participants will learn about the Five Key Themes of restorative practice on which Transforming Conflict has developed its unique holistic model.

These themes have much in common with practice across the Restorative Justice field. However whereas many training providers offer a script with 5 key questions, we have taken each question and considered what lies beneath in terms of the underpinning theories and concepts. We believe that this provides a solid theoretical grounding for all relational and restorative practice – a philosophy of life, and not just a process or technique to switch on and off.

The two days will cover:

- Building a safe learning community for the duration of the course

- The five key restorative themes and what they mean in practice

- Re-visiting essential non-judgemental listening skills and the challenges faced to be able to stay
in the impartial, non- judgemental zone in challenging situations

- The structure for conducting a Restorative Enquiry, a listening framework that enables a speaker
to express their experiences, thoughts , feelings and needs and make sense of what they have
experienced. This framework can also be used to prepare individuals for face to face restorative

- Basic conflict resolution skills using the five key restorative themes as a basis for a ‘Your Turn,
My turn’ conversation to de-escalate the conflict and encourage a calmer dialogue leading to a
win-win solution.

This course covers many of the Informal Restorative Skills described in the National Occupational Standards and the Restorative Justice Council Best Practice Guidelines for Restorative Practice.

Course participants will receive

- a short Practitioners Manual in a ring binder covering the theory and practical examples of what the course covers, to which they can add subsequent Module materials as they progress through the course.

- a lanyard with the five themes and suggested questions/langauge for each theme

We are developing a training film and in time participants will be able to have a DVD as a record of the practice they have learnt.


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