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Restorative Approaches for educators, care staff or youth justice professionals


Module 5

Implementation and sustainability.

This 1 day seminar enables senior leaders who have attended Modules 1 – 4 to take stock and consider the next steps for implementing a restorative approach in their particular environment.

Initial training is only the first step on the journey and Transforming Conflict has 18 years of experience working with schools and other settings to implement an institution/organisation wide approach. We draw on the doctoral research of Director Belinda Hopkins into this very topic, plus all our own experience as an organisation and the growing literature based on more recent research.

The course will look at:

  • - key principles for effective cultural and behavioural change
  • - implementing change using restorative principles
  • - understanding and overcoming resistance
  • - case studies of implementation relevant to managers’ sector


By the end of the day every participant will have begun drawing up an action plan, made links with others from a similar sector to act as ‘buddies’ and will know what support and resources they can find to help on the next steps.



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