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Restorative Approaches for educators, care staff or youth justice professionals


Module 4

Restorative conferencing

This 2 day course builds on the mediation course and will provide the skills to facilitate a formal restorative conference, a large group problem-solving meeting or a community conference.

This two day course is an essential requirement for any staff likely to be supporting groups of people (classes, staff teams, families, groups of residents) to resolve issues of conflict or when someone has caused significant harm or distress to another.

The two days will cover:

  • Building a safe learning community for the duration of the course
  • The five key restorative themes and how they provide a structure for a meeting involving those people affected by an issue, those responsible, and their respective supporters and other stake holders.
  • The significance of Restorative Enquiry as a private preparation tool and its place in the planning of a large meeting
  • Short skills development opportunities, with a chance to receive constructive feedback from peers and course tutors
  • opportunities to plan and facilitate a restorative conference
  • exploring the application of the large meeting format for different contexts such as classroom
  • confereneces, community conferences and staff team problem-solving
  • data collection and record-keeping
  • risk assessment

This course covers most of the core Restorative Skills for formal restorative meetings described in the National Occupational Standards and the Restorative Justice Council Best Practice Guidelines for Restorative Practice. Background reading and a workbook ensures that participants gain a basic understanding of how the National Occupational Standards relate to their own setting.

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