Restorative approaches and Bullying 2

Thanks to the pioneering work of Dominic Barter and others (in Rio de Janeiro, Sau Paulo and Porto Alegre) there is increasing interest in restorative justice and restorative approaches in Brazil and also in other South American countries.

At the beginning of October 2009 Belinda Hopkins, Transforming Conflict’s director, was invited to run a 3 day training workshop with 80 educationalists during a conference on restorative justice at the University ABC in Sâo Paulo in Brasil. Lode Walgrave, a Belgian academic who is very well-respected in the field of restorative justice was also invited to talk about restorative justice in the criminal justice field.

During the conference UniABC’s own television unit conducted interviews with Belinda and with Lode. These interviews and some footage of the conference have been uploaded to You Tube. The first 3 clips are about Lode Walgrave’s input and the second three are from Belinda’s interview . The interviews are in English with Portuguese sub-titles.



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