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We can help directly – we are all experienced mediators and facilitators and can help with specific issues, listening to all sides and then supporting everyone to meet together and find ways forward for themselves. We call this process restoration, as it offers a chance to repair relationships and self-confidence, even though at times the process can also create new bonds and new-found confidence and skill that had not previously been there.

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We offer lively training – in community-building, circle facilitation, communication skills, conflict resolution, mediation, group problem-solving and restorative conferencing. We call this wide range of skills ‘Restorative Approaches’ and our model offers a core set of skills and a single framework that you can adapt to meet the needs of any situation and of those involved. Our 5:5:5 model has been adopted by practitioners and trainers all over the UK, as well as with partners in Belgium, Brazil, France and Finland.


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We offer advice and support after training to ensure that what is learnt in a training environment is practiced and fine-tuned on the job, with ongoing supervision and refreshment opportunities.



For 8 years we ran a national conference every year for educationalists and care staff and we may yet do this again. We appreciate that budgets for attending conferences are much reduced and so are seeking other ways to reach out to people.




We offer consultancy – to help managers implement and sustain system-wide policies and practices that will help everyone make, maintain and repair relationships – we call this a system-wide relational and restorative approach

We train trainers so that people develop in-house capacity to carry on without outside help – although we will continue to offer further training when needed.


We innovate – and continue to develop our own ideas so we can offer applied and advanced training courses covering complex and sensitive issues, special needs, and specific contexts where extra issues need to be taken into consideration.



We write books – and sell them through or on-line shop – and we also stock books we love and recommend by others. 

We make films – and we will share these with you on our YouTube channel and we’ll also sell them to you if that is easier for you to share them with others. View our films here

We listen – we pride ourselves on the relationships we make with everyone we work with and there is nearly always someone there at the end of the phone , or able to answer a query via :


We encourage professional development – and ensure that as far as possible our courses adhere to, and even go beyond, Best Practice Guidelines and National Occupational Standards for Restorative Practice, to help you on your way to becoming accredited by the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) or an NVQ - awarding body.

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